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I'm Happy Again

I found my Roomba - actually, it's a chinese version, the 'Mr. Cleaner'. I watched it clean the room last night, and I already want to reprogram it. And it has already tried to hack my bank account and re-distribute my 'wealth' to the masses. If it doesn't start to behave itself - back to the reeducation camp!

What I Have Been Doing With My Retirement

Turning burned-out shells of houses into apartments.

Have I Said How Much I Love American Technology?

Census Time In The Philippines

Answer a few simple questions and they paste a sticker on your house. Easy. So can anyone explain why the US census is so difficult?

Blog Under (re-) Construction - Yes, Again.

I'm fixing things around here and making it a lot simpler. Gone are all of the JavaScript whizbang toys that only cause the blog to load slowly. Now this blog should be cleaner and leaner, and a hell of a lot meaner. So, don't mind the dust - just blow things off and enjoy!

R.I.P. Hero: August 2009 - June 2010

Good dog. Sleep now and rest.