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Security Alert Issued For Metro Manila

*ABOVE THE POST UPDATE 12.1011* My Asawa and I went to the embassy yesterday, which is in the Pasay area of Manila, in order to take care of some paperwork. When we tried to disembark the taxi in front of the embassy, a nice man with a BIG gun told us we could NOT unload here, and to go down the block. After walking one block back to the embassy, the number of automatic rifles and shotguns visible had increased dramatically since the last time we had been at the embassy. Once inside, it was quiet - very, _very_ quiet. The usual throngs of people vying for a US visa were missing. It appears that the US embassy has shut down all services except for those for US Citizens. Very strange day at the embassy. At least they were taking threats seriously here, unlike what the State Department did in Libya. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yesterday, the US Embassy in Manila issued a security alert to US Citizens to warn of threats of unspec

Anti-Cybercrimes Law Goes In Effect Oct. 3rd

GOOD. Among the other things this law does - it outlaws cybersex. I don't know how they are going to enforce it, but at least they recognize that cybersex is a BIG problem here in the Philippines. To fix a problem, you have to first acknowledge the problem. I'm going to keep an eye on this and see if there is anything I can do to help. Story here .

MadLab Update 12.0926

 Today was the installation of the tile floor. Tomorrow is painting!

MadLab/Office Update - 12.0923

Just a quick update on the MadLab/Office - plastering is just about completed. We should have glass in the window tomorrow. I have been busy building the basics of the furniture, with fitting, trim and paint to come after the tile floor is installed and the walls/ceiling are painted. So far, so good. Still a long way to go yet.


This is pretty much how my day has been going so far...


I love the 3rd of each month. It's payday - thank you, Uncle Sam and all you taxpayers out there. Bills, meds, groceries and various supplies. Happiness is a stocked pantry.