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Well, not really. BUT - the hits on one of my websites has gone up dramatically! One of my goofy projects - A Dual Die Emulator, using a PIC 12F629 - was picked up by the website Hack-A-Day . So, there you go - I'm linked from another BIG website and I'm getting all sorts of traffic. And several smaller blogs have picked up the article from Hack-A-Day. The 'net is an amazing thing. Here's the project on Hack-A-Day: A PIC Powered Pair Of Electronic Dice Here's the project on Embedds: Dual Dice Project On A PIC Here's the project on some Japanese blog (translated): PIC AVR Blog Workshop   And here's the project on MY website: Prototyping A Dual Die Emulator (PIC12F629)   Cool, huh?

Domains For Sale

I have two (mostly unused) domain names for sale: If you are interested, send me an email and let's talk.

Clint Eastwood Ad


It Must Have Been One Heck Of A Concert

Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. At capacity, with thousands turned away. Oh, wait - this wasn't a rock concert. This was a ROMNEY/RYAN rally! This picture makes me feel _so_ good.

Home Stretch! (Or - How I Spent My Fall Vacation)

Finally getting around to painting/trimming out the office furniture. It's scary - it looks so much like the labs I spent hours upon hours in at VLSI/Philips. I guess that was the look I was going for. I don't think the cardboard box (used for recycling) is working out, tho.

Micro-Man LIVES!

Just goofing around in the new lab. It has a PIC12F629 micro that controls the LED.

TRO Against Anti-Cybercrimes Law

Suspended for 120 days. The drama continues. More here .

Somewhere, A Mormon Is Smiling

I filled out and sent back my absentee ballot today. Shit just got real.

Post-Presidential Debate Insight

Here's my take on the debate and Obama's poor performance: You know all of those polls that show Obama in the lead? They are all shams. Obama knows the real numbers, and they are not good for him. The man is not used to not being number one, and he hates it. Absolutely hates it. So, when he went into the debate, he knew it wasn't going to be good for his numbers, and he just shut down. He was a m an admitting defeat. Beaten. He didn't want to be there, he really doesn't want to be President anymore, because the thrill is gone and everything is not as shiny and new and FUN as it used to be. And what is worse is he has all of this pressure on him from his campaign, his supporters and his wife to be the big winner again. The man is not a 'get into the trenches and fight for each yard of gain' type of guy. He wants everything to be easy. He wants everyone to kowtow to him. He wants everyone to love him and just follow his lead. When he faces since

The Funniest Debate Summary Of The Night


God Bless America!

I think this is appropriate for a night like tonight. Thanks, Mitt, for kicking Obama's ass. Watch for the quick cameo of Ronald Reagan!

Hire-A-Gimp Carpentry

I did a little carpentry today - I needed to box up the fuse box and submeter so the conduits and rough concrete are hidden. We couldn't do a finish on the concrete because - well, to be honest, the placement of the boxes wasn't well thought out and finishing the concrete would have meant never being able to open the service panels. Oh, well - not great, but not bad.

The MadLab/Office Is Finished!

Well, the construction/tiling/painting part is finished. Now I get to build furniture and organize it. Kind of a 360 degree view below: