Where In The World

Well, I'm back in Florida. It seems that aging is finally catching up to my Mother and she is no longer allowed to drive. It's hard for her to take care of her medications and finances, too. So, I'm back, taking care of things - actually, it's a tag-team between my sister and I. I do all of the grunt work and she takes care of the ugly bureaucratic issues. That's fine with me, as I hate dealing with government idiots, especially when I want / need something from a government idiot, which means I can't call them a government idiot without seriously jeopardizing whatever I am trying to accomplish.

My beautiful Asawa is in the Philippines, taking care of business there, but should be out to Florida soon (August hopefully). We are long overdue for a nice honeymoon and this area provides a lot of points of interest to wander about. Disney World, the NASA museum, the beaches.

Now that I have settled back into the beach house and caught up with all of the work (spring cleaning!) that was long overdue around here, I hope to be posting more often.


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