The Value Of American Citizenship

Being an American used to mean something - you would fight for your country and Constitution and flag, bleed for it, die for it. And because of that, you had freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and a right to vote for those who represent you in government.

Now - if you speak your mind, you are a racist. If you proclaim your religion, you are either an idiot or an oppressor. And the people you send to Washington to represent you are only out for themselves and special interests.

Even the 'President' is no longer interested in the majority opinion - his goal is to woo the special interests for political gain.

The meaning of an American Citizenship has been reduced to - nothing. As long as you can sneak in, break the rules, 'play the system', you can get all of the benefits that many have fought for and died to protect. Hell, you can even vote, and the DOJ will fight to protect you. You can get everything, and you don't even have to sweat, let alone spill your blood. You don't have to assimilate, don't have to learn the language and culture, don't have to pledge loyalty (what is that? what an _out-dated_ concept), don't have swear to protect the country against enemies, foreign and domestic. You can just take. And take. And take some more until the well runs dry.

There is a dark cloud forming over a once proud nation. And it's going to get a _lot_ darker before things get better - if ever.


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