War Clouds Brewing?

If you have seen recent headlines, you will know that DHS, HOAA, and SS are busy buying hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow-point ammo. Plus riot gear. And bullet-proof check point booths.

The question is: why? Well, there has been some speculation that maybe they are expecting an uprising in the United States and the ammo is to be used on it's own people. But, that really doesn't make much sense.

However, a new theory has raised it's ugly head - Israel has been threatening to attack Iran over it's nuclear program. In fact, the saber-rattling has been getting worse over the past few months. Some think that it may happen in the next two months, before the election. Theories abound as to the timing, but that is not the point here.

The point is - if Israel DOES attack Iran, the Feds are worried about retaliation on US targets by Hamas / Hezbollah / Palestinian / Al Qaeda forces (and sympathizers) already in the US. THAT is what the ammo is for - so employees at federal offices can defend themselves against such attacks.

That makes MUCH more sense than feds turning on US citizens. Obama wouldn't be THAT freakin' stupid. Or would he? Okay, let's just pretend that he's not that stupid.

The chatter must be burning up the lines right now. I bet the intelligence guys are busier than hell.


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