Security Alert Issued For Metro Manila


My Asawa and I went to the embassy yesterday, which is in the Pasay area of Manila, in order to take care of some paperwork. When we tried to disembark the taxi in front of the embassy, a nice man with a BIG gun told us we could NOT unload here, and to go down the block. After walking one block back to the embassy, the number of automatic rifles and shotguns visible had increased dramatically since the last time we had been at the embassy. Once inside, it was quiet - very, _very_ quiet. The usual throngs of people vying for a US visa were missing. It appears that the US embassy has shut down all services except for those for US Citizens. Very strange day at the embassy. At least they were taking threats seriously here, unlike what the State Department did in Libya.


Yesterday, the US Embassy in Manila issued a security alert to US Citizens to warn of threats of unspecified attacks on US Citizens and US interests. Today, other western nations are issuing their own security alerts.

Be careful out there.

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