Well, not really. BUT - the hits on one of my websites has gone up dramatically!

One of my goofy projects - A Dual Die Emulator, using a PIC 12F629 - was picked up by the website Hack-A-Day. So, there you go - I'm linked from another BIG website and I'm getting all sorts of traffic. And several smaller blogs have picked up the article from Hack-A-Day. The 'net is an amazing thing.

Here's the project on Hack-A-Day: A PIC Powered Pair Of Electronic Dice
Here's the project on Embedds: Dual Dice Project On A PIC
Here's the project on some Japanese blog (translated): PIC AVR Blog Workshop 
And here's the project on MY website: Prototyping A Dual Die Emulator (PIC12F629)

Cool, huh?


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